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HIV-infected T cell

The only interaction with my father was on a telephone. This was years before the internet, text or email. ( 1986 )  We were fortunate to have had a conversation prior to his death in 1995. My inspiration was born when I was encouraged by a card that he sent to me acknowledging our bloodline.


I have since spent many years exploring how to learn more about my heritage and his legacy. The internet has allowed  me to gather an enormous amount of information. I transport many of my fathers traits. It was quoted that during his professorship tenure he was an inspiration to his  students. " He taught them  to make  opportunities" "I concluded that I would further his legacy by creating opportunities for others"




My father was a scientist in the field of biology. His accomplishments included findings in the reproduction of genes and blood cells. Some of his work for science research is held in 15 institutions . U.C.L.A. , Duke , University  Of  Michigan, National Library Of Medicine and the library of congress are just to name a few.


Gregarious Greg.



Science... As defined by Webster's third new international & unabridged dictionary.

" knowledge possessed or attained through study or practice

We are excited to include this project in the line-up of our Heritage & Legacy Evolvement Forum" The objective of this particular project is to pay tribute to the profession and accomplishments of our founders biological father. Our mission is to identify and pay tribute to various scientific finds and accomplishments. We seek to spike an interest in the research, studies and findings of all things science.

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