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Focused links & undertaking

This page serves as a streamline linking you to sites that may be points of interest. Some links will escort you to the websites of recipients from our undertakings. Please keep in mind that our entity is not affiliated with any other organizations. 

We do not represent or act on the behalf of outside domains,organizations, charities or websites. But, we certainly don't mind sharing our interests and likes with you.


The following links are a tribute to my deceased father for his contribution to the field of science.

These links are inspired by our M.E.T. Project . My late fathers obituary listed entities of which he had been a member or may have had an interest in. Some of those links have been included to honor his legacy and keep his dreams alive. As it was written that he himself  taught others  to " live on a dream "

Gregarious Greg.

The M.E.T. Project  " Live On A Dream "  Recognizes these organizations that my father supported. 

American Association For The Advancement Of Science @  www.aaas.org

Association Of American Medical Colleges @   https://www.aamc.org/

American Lung Association @  www.lung.org

National Minority Health Affairs Association @ www.minorityhealth.hhs.gov/

The M.E.T. Project " Live On A Dream "  also shares the following links.

Our entity currently contributes to St. Jude Children's Hospital as an undertaking  by our M.E.T. project.

We donate because...they afford families the opportunity to evolve due to their research.  www.partnersinhope.org 

Gregarious Greg addressed the homeless issue on his radio talk show in 1992. We share. www.invisiblepeople.tv/ 

February 2015 a month for sharing heartfelt moments, especially on the 14th day. ( heart awareness month)  The " Heritage & Legacy Evolvement Forum " encourages you to pump a few of your dollars in a direction to keep hearts healthy . Choose a cause that is to your liking.

Our entity inspired to help support the American Heart Association. To learn more about how you can help may we suggest .

The following links were inspired by our Generation 99 Project:

In the month of December my daughter was wearing red and ranging bells. www.salvationarmyusa.org