Jaycamsky Project LLC.

Evolving...... Pod Cast, Heritage, Legacy,  Philanthropic Purpose, & Various Undertakings via crowdfunding 



Live On A Dream

When Greg realized that specific traits had been passed on to him, he was able to comprehend the importance behind evolving from his heritage. He was so inspired by that which was Quoted about his father, that he proceeded   to..." live on a Dream " Hence, the Jaycamsky Project  LLC. was born.

Our undertakings are constantly adapting to change as we continue to evolve. It should be noted that our primary focus is to advocate for humankind.

Our Objective: includes incorporating the following unconventional approach.

* To " Live on a dream " by continuing the legacy of my biological father.

*  Advocate for various causes through our M.E.T. project to honor my ancestry.

* Grow our pod cast fan base  @ The Heritage & Legacy Evolvement Forum  

* Gain the public trust to inspire donation & crowd funding support for our              cause.

* Ideally, we hope to make small contributions to various causes of interest.

Pod cast format @    http://gregariousgreg.podbean.com

Gregarious Greg.