Jaycamsky Project LLC.

Evolving...... Pod Cast, Heritage, Legacy,  Philanthropic Purpose, & Various Undertakings via crowdfunding 



Tribute To The Evolvement Of Heritage & Legacy

The Jaycamsky Project was founded on the premise that future achievement often evolves from an accumulation of past accomplishment.

In 2014 Greg launched his venture for the purpose of promoting other businesses. The product would be noted by Greg as  " Unconventional Advertising"

Thinking to incorporate his previous experience as a talk radio talent,  Greg created a format he hoped would compliment  today's pod cast venue. Greg trusted this would generate sponsors and advertisers for the purpose of sustaining his unique business venture. He also believed that these revenues would allow his company to contribute to a multitude of causes.

However, the first year of operation (2015) would end with results far less than hoped .

Greg's ultimate passion and true calling would alter the direction his organization would take. In order to keep with the company mission, it was apparent that the Jaycamsky Project redirect it's course.

Our motto is : From The Beginning You...Were

As a result of this belief, Greg remains inspired by the accomplishments of his birth parent. Therefore he continues following the direction of footprints left by his deceased father.

Our objective for 2016 entails better positioning of our organization,  for various philanthropic cause.